811 Call Before You Dig Requirement


All sign installations that require digging (yardarm post and other) are subject to Washington’s 811 underground utility locate service. This requirement became effective March 17, 2017, and has necessitated several changes to our installation service.  This requirement DOES NOT apply to our No Dig Yardarm Post, which is exempt from 811 laws and available for next day installation*.

The most noticeable change resulting from the 811 dig law is that we can no longer provide next day service for those jobs that involve digging. 811 requires two working days to locate underground utilities so we now schedule standard sign installation for three working days after the date requested*.  This schedule is subject to change if utility locates are not performed in time, however in most instances the three day schedule is met.  Each sign location must be marked with a white flag or spray paint prior to calling 811. We offer this service as a paid option, but is something the real estate broker or homeowner can easily do to save time and expense.  We provide white marker flags at no charge.  They are available at our office or upon request.

Installations that require digging follow this process:


To expedite the process and save expense you can optionally mark the sign location ahead of time with a white flag or white spray painted “X”.

2. Installation request is placed via phone, email, or fax.  We will ask if you have marked the sign location.
3. If you have already marked the sign location we will call 811 and schedule your installation. If you have not marked the location we will send someone on the next available day*, and mark it for a trip charge.  See rates for current trip charge rates.
4. We install your sign on the scheduled day of service.  Occasionally utilities will not be marked in time, causing a delay in service.  In such cases we will notify you via email and/or text message.


For those who require a sign to be installed more promptly, we offer a "No Dig" solution that is available for most marketing signs.  Information on this program can be seen here.


*Subject to service area coverage and 5pm deadline.  See map for coverage area.